Tarot by Thomas

Create the Life You Really Want and Deserve

Thomas got his start in Tarot while living in the Far East — his home for nearly 30 years. He began studying various forms of divination after discovering how seriously the practice is taken in that part of the world and how much of a role it plays in critical decision-making at all levels of society. After many years of study, he began reading professionally and has now been at it for more than three decades.

In keeping with the cultural and historical traditions from which Tarot originated, Thomas has undergone intensive training in various mystery schools and, over the years, has studied with several Tarot masters from the United States, Europe, and the Far East. He has done readings for clients from dozens of countries and all walks of life: educators, business executives, artists, entertainers, writers, military personnel, civil servants, and even political strategists.

Thomas has traveled extensively to teach and conduct readings for clients and training seminars for fellow professional readers. He can provide readings over the phone, a dedicated Internet-based video conferencing system, or in person by special arrangement.

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